Advantages of sms loans

There are no other loans that are as swell in the media as sms loans. Over the past 8 years, magazines have been growing and aging, which is why fast-forward companies are tinkering. Sure, this has been true to some extent, but fast-loan companies have improved quite a lot in recent years.

Of course, the effective interest rates are still high, often at least 200%, but a sms loan can never have as low an interest rate as a private loan because it would not be profitable. The reason why banks can have low interest rates is because their loans are large and put up for several years while a sms loan is the exact opposite. There are now also loans that are an intermediary for private loans and sms loans (in terms of loan amounts and maturities) and they have a reasonably reasonable interest rate, often around 30%, but of course you should take a private loan instead if you have the opportunity.

And now to the benefits


Well, here at Harlequin you get a lot of nice tips on what to think about before taking a sms loan and you can also see what you shouldn’t borrow and when you shouldn’t borrow, but we haven’t really written that much about it positive with sms loans. Because there are actually positive things with sms loans too and we thought we would look at that now.

There are sms loans with no interest and fees, you won’t find such loans anywhere else. If you need to borrow some money to cope with the last week until pay, because you have had an unusually tough month financially, this can be a good solution. But if you absolutely do not have to borrow money, you should not take a free sms loan either for what you have borrowed should after all be repaid.

If you have taken ordinary bank loans on several occasions during the past year, all applications will appear in the Register of Information Centers and it may not look as good with the next bank you want to borrow money from. Here at Harlequin you will find lots of lenders that grant sms loans without UC which means that the banks do not see how many loans you have applied for and if you have repaid everything it does not at all appear that you have taken a sms loan before. You can take out loans up to SEK 40000 without taking any UC.

Sms loans always have a fixed interest rate which makes it easy to know exactly how much the loan will cost. It does not matter if the policy rate goes up or down during the term, the interest you received when you took out the loan applies.

The requirements for sms loans are relatively low

The requirements for sms loans are relatively low

As a rule, you do not need to have a particularly high income and you rarely need to have a permanent employment, and in addition, remarks need not be an obstacle. When it comes to income, it is often enough to have a temporary job, an hourly job, an extra job or a project job to get a loan. Many lenders make an individual income assessment which means that it is not cut in stone how much you have to earn. So even if you have failed to get a regular bank loan or similar, it is not impossible that you can get a sms loan instead.

Good in crisis situations. Sometimes what you don’t want to happen happens. The car has to be repaired suddenly, the washing machine or freezer pies, the laptop goes to the floor or the TV pans. If you do not have any money (and are unable to shop on invoice or with installment because you have an annoying payment note) it may be a problem to fix this, but there are many sms lenders that you can turn to instead.

There are also some lenders of private loans and loan brokers


Who accept payment remarks, you can also find them with us in the menu above. But if you do not get a private loan, you can always try to apply for a sms loan if you know that you can pay back on it, the need has no law. Then you can also get your money directly if you have a bank account with a bank to which the lender can make a direct payment.

If you want to read about the disadvantages of a sms loan, or a quick loan, you should check out our article on risks with sms loans and criticism of sms loans .

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