Holidays at rest? Do not forget the financial reserve

Good old cash is no longer so common, let alone profitable. Even when we go with her almost everywhere, it can make our vacation pretty expensive.

A credit card can be a solution for unexpected situations, such as a broken down car, a deposit for its rental or a more expensive souvenir. You won’t get a snack on the beach or a shop in traditional small shops, but otherwise it can completely substitute for cash. In addition, it saves you unnecessary expense on exchange fees.


Safety first

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Carrying a large amount of money with you is not safe even at home, especially not abroad. If you steal your money, you will remain completely “uploaded”. The advantage of the card is that you can block it in an instant . The thief will in vain do your money.

Our tip: Be sure to write down the number to block your card from abroad before you leave the country.

You don’t always have an internet connection.

Cash on ice cream, with card for experiences

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Exchange rates are not always advantageous. The banks offer the current exchange rate, but you will also pay the exchange fee there. Currency exchanges pose a certain risk. The chances that the course will be better on the spot are greater, but you face the possibility of being ripped off. Especially when you are working in a language that you don’t fully understand

When paying by card, the amounts are converted at a more advantageous rate, without any fees. But without the minimum cash you can not. If necessary, you can withdraw it from the ATM at a time when you really need it. If you decide to use the currency exchange service, we recommend changing the larger amount. You have a chance to get a better course.

Our tip: Always study the current rate in advance and convert the money on the spot.


Ready for everything

There are various unexpected situations in our lives. It is therefore necessary to prepare for them in advance. If something happens at home and we don’t have enough funds in reserve, we can still turn to friends. But what about abroad?

The credit card guarantees a cash amount at any hour. And it does not have to be just unpleasant moments. It can be an original souvenir in the shop window, an unplanned trip or a car rental that you didn’t expect in advance.

Our tip: To prevent more theft damage, do not keep all documents in one place. Carry a card with only less cash and keep another card or larger sum of money in a safer place. For example, between clothes in the trunk.


Wherever you want

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With a credit card today you can pay for virtually anything. That is, where they have a terminal. While you may have trouble with traditional debit cards abroad, credit cards usually work without problems. However, it is always necessary to check with your provider the functionality of the card in the countries where we intend to travel. Especially when it comes to greater exoticism.

Our tip: Before you go abroad, be sure to check the limit on your card and adjust it if necessary.

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