Instant delivery similar to Sure Cash – free loan for USD 1,000 Free first loan

Do you want to take a free payday loan of USD 1000? Today we will tell you which lender to choose to receive money quickly and without any additional formalities.

You can get a free payday loan of USD 1000 at several loan companies.
One of them is Sure Cash – the Polish branch of the international financial group Via SMS Group, which has been operating since 2009 in 7 European countries.

Good Finance in Sure Cash


Sure Cash offers clients short-term loans ranging from USD 100 to 4,000.
If this is your first payday loan in Sure Cash, you can get up to USD 1,500 completely free. The only fee you will have to pay is a verification fee of USD 0.01.

Who is the Sure Cash loan for?

The Sure Cash loan is dedicated to people who:

  • have Polish citizenship,
  • are between 20 and 65 years old,
  • have a steady income,
  • they have no negative credit history.

How to get a loan from Sure Cash?


Although it would seem that a loan at Sure Cash can be obtained via SMS, it is just an appearance. You will need internet access to apply for additional cash.
The first step should be to set up a customer account on the lender’s website and complete and send the loan application.

Then the lender will ask you to verify your personal details by making a transfer to his account. The transfer amount is symbolic and amounts to only USD 0.01.
If the account owner details match those you declared in the application, the employee of the loan company will be able to further analyze the application.
The loan decision in Sure Cash is usually made several minutes after sending the application, and the money – in the case of a positive decision – “lands” on the lender’s account as quickly.

For a loan to Good Finance


Good Finance is another company where you can borrow up to USD 1,000 for free. Good Finance is one of the leaders in the non-bank loans market. The company has been operating in Poland since November 2013 and thanks to its integrity and high ethical standards, it has gained customer favor almost immediately. The success of Good Finance is evidenced by the Customer Laurel, which the company received in 2014, just a year after its debut on the Polish market.
If you have never taken a loan in Good Finance before, you will be able to apply for USD 1,000. After a maximum of 30 days you will be required to return the same amount to the lender. So you won’t pay a zloty for the extra cash.

The maximum loan amount in Good Finance is USD 4,000. So much money can get customers who have taken out and have already repaid several loans on time.
You will have a maximum of 30 days to pay the payday payday at Good Finance. The entire borrowed amount should be repaid once, so make sure you can do it on time before you sign the loan agreement.

Who can get a loan at Good Finance?


A loan in Good Finance can be obtained by a person who:

  • has Polish citizenship,
  • is not less than 20 and not more than 76 years old,
  • has a residence and registered address in Poland,
  • has an active mobile number and account number.

How to get a loan from Good Finance?

All you need to get a loan from Good Finance is your ID card and internet access. You can successfully perform all actions without moving from the screen of your own computer. I must admit that this solution is not only convenient, but also allows you to save a large amount of valuable time. Especially that after a positive loan decision you can receive money within 15 minutes!
Good Credit is another proven company that offers free payday loans of USD 1,000

Free loan at Good Credit


Good Credit has been operating in Poland since 2012. In addition to its presence on the Polish market, the company also grants loans to residents of Latvia, Lithuania and Spain.
Good Credit focuses on flexibility, transparency of rules and reliability of contracts. Thanks to this approach, he can boast of a wide group of loyal, satisfied customers.

At Good Credit you can take out the first free loan of USD 1,000.
The maximum loan amount for loyal customers is USD 4,000 with this lender.
You will have a maximum of 30 days to pay the debt.

Who is the Good Credit loan for?

The Good Credit loan is for people who:

  • have Polish citizenship,
  • have a place of residence in the Republic of Poland,
  • they are at least 20 years old at the time of submitting the application,
  • they were under 76 years of age at the time of submitting the application,
  • have obtained a positive credit rating.

Before you sign the contract

Before you sign the contract

If you plan to take out a quick loan, take advantage of the services of a company with a stable, well-established market position. This choice will guarantee honesty, excellent service and the highest ethical standards. By choosing a reliable, proven lender you will not fall victim to the abuse or fraud that is so common on the market of non-bank financial products.

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